Best Travel Luggage Reviews – Four Top Rated Luggage Choices For You

How many different kinds of best travel luggage are there today? There are far too many to count. You will just know it by simply dropping by airports. Some are generic looking while others are chic and classy, probably created by world-renowned fashion designers. You also have the professional-looking ones, usually pulled or carried by business executives.

Nevertheless, not all of them may be worth the while because of their inferior quality. To skip the hassle of finding which one is better, use the following guidelines and review.

How to Choose the Best Travel Luggage

There are several factors you have to think about when getting the best travel baggage. First, you have to meet the criteria set by the airport and the airline, especially if it is about the carry-on bag. Generally, the bag should measure 45 inches in total—that is, the length, width, and height of the bag. You also have to be mindful of the linear size, or else the carry-on will have to be checked in if it does not meet the standards.

It is recommended to get an expandable bag. With so many items to bring, you certainly need the extra space. It also prevents you from bringing a lot of luggage when traveling. There is also the issue of durability. Some companies would compromise the strength of the bag just to give it lightness.

Think of protection too. For example, can it secure your gadgets such as your laptop? Will it not be attractive to thieves? Does it have a bag tag?

Pick those that have more unique colors. It may sound odd, but it gives your bag a totally different persona than the rest of the travel bags. You will not have any problem with regards to getting it from the conveyor belt.

Good Options

Here are some of the best travel luggage you can take a look at:

Skyway Sigma 2 21″

This is a vertical carry-on bag, which means you do not need to have it checked. It does not occupy a lot of space because of its slim design and is very light to carry. It is also equipped with a skate wheel mechanism for very convenient pull, while the case is made from polyurethane. It is very sturdy and can last for year when taken care of properly. You can manipulate the handle through the use of the up/lock-down handle mechanism. You simply need to push the preferred button to release or hide the handle.

The zippers may appear huge, but they are robust and work perfectly. There are many zippers available, and they come with rubber inserts, so they do not break off immediately. Though the most common color sold is black, this best travel luggage is also available in other shades. There are many pockets for better organization. Most of all, you can tuck it underneath the seats or on the overhead bins.

High Sierra 32″

This is perhaps one of the most flexible bags in the market, which also makes it one of the best travel luggage. It is not only wheeled luggage. It can also work as a duffel bag and a backpack. You can easily expand it to hold as many items as you can in one bag. The foot is very steady, allowing the bag to stand upright. There are compartments for your shoes and other essential items. It is designed to handle rough environmental elements and very long and frequent travels.

Osprey Sojourn 25″

One of the best travel baggage to date, the bag is made from very strong materials, such as aluminium frame and inlay from fibreglass matrix. The handle can be positioned into two forms, depending on which one you are comfortable with. The wheels have excellent traction and is very well balanced There are side mesh pockets and compression straps inside.

Samsonite Silhouette

Samsonite is one of the brands that produce the best travel baggage. The body of the Silhouette comes from polypropylene honeycomb that makes the bag quite light. It also offers protection against compression. The material prevents the bag from getting damaged by stain and abrasion. You can adjust the telescoping handle to suit your height.

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