Luggage Reviews

Why Read Our Reviews?

Well, buying luggage is no easy affair. with so many brands out in the market, it can be an exhausting exercise before you arrive at a decision. aims to provide all the information you need to choose the best luggage models that serves your needs. The term “luggage” officially became a part of the dictionary back in 1596. It is taken from the verb “lug” which means “something that can be lugged about”. After that, suffixes were used until they arrived at the term luggage.

You will be amazed by how much luggage designs have evolved over the past few years. In the past, these things only come in small or large trunks made from woods. They can only be carried and moved by professional movers. That is one big problem that was addressed during World War II when luggage became lighter and portable.

Top Rated Luggage Brands

You have lots of choices when it comes to buying a luggage either for short and long travel purposes.

In this website, we will cover luggage reviews on major brands such as Samsonite, American TouristerAmerican FlyerAndiamoBoytDakotaEagle CreekGiviHartmanHeysKiplingMaestroRicardoRoxyPierre CardinLiz ClaiborneGucciDiane Von Furstenberg, Traveler’s Choice, Delsey, Rick Steves, Eddie Bauer, Totes, High Sierra, Olympia, Skyway, Coleman, TravelPro, Victorinox, Tumi, Atlantic and so on. At the higher end of the market, you’ll also be able to find reviews on more premium brands such as Chanel, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Louis Vuitton.

Luggage Types

As traveling becomes more ubiquitous, many luggage companies have churn out different luggage that comes in a wide variety of colors, designs, and portability. Before buying, however, you should be well-informed about what type of luggage you want to go for. There are a few major types including the wheeled luggage, rolling luggage, carry on luggage, garment bag, lightweight luggage, hard side luggage, soft luggage, expandable luggage, and many others.

The most common features incorporated today are the wheels and the expandable features. The use of wheels started back in the 1600s. Today, there are various types of this travel essential such as the hold luggage, hand luggage and left luggage. They are similar and yet they have unique functions. The hold luggage is a term used for the bags that are used to store the items that need to be held.

One good example is the suitcase. This is somewhat similar to the hand luggage. It is also commonly known as carry-on. But in this bag, you stash in your essentials and your valuables such as make-ups and jewelry.

Choosing The Best Luggage

We have created a section of best luggage reviews on the followings:

  • Best luggage set
  • Lightweight luggage
  • Wheeled luggage
  • Laptop luggage
  • Leather luggage
  • Luggage stores
  • Roll on luggage
  • Luggage for suits
  • Luggage for men
  • Luggage for women
  • Polycarbonate luggage

Whatever your choice is, you are sure to find the right luggage that will suit your travel needs.